Printing Statistics

Howdy, all -

I’m an owner of a Taz5 and after scrolling through the on board menus, I was wondering if there was a counter that kept track of cumulative printing hours by the machine? I haven’t found anything like it, but have heard folks talk about the number of hours they have logged on other machines. I was hoping the Taz would have something similar. Did I just miss it?

Thanks in advance!

There doesn’t seem to be storage for that type of accounting in the firmware… at least, I haven’t come across it.

The software used to control the printer may track that information. I use Octoprint which records the following history:

Other software may provide similar statistics.

Gotcha! I’ve been printing everything direct from SD, so I guess that time is untracked. I’m moving to an Octopi setup soon, so I’ll just be starting over from there (no big deal, was just curious, mostly).

Thanks for checking!

You can purchase hour meters of various voltages, electronic ones that draw very little power. Check eBay or Amazon, I don’t know what circuit to wire it to that registers the number of hours actually running either the power supply fan motor or something else to generate some sort of indication of hours used.