Print time meter?

We are trying to track actual print time on our machine, and you all know that the slicing programs are about useless for any tracking over two hours. Has anyone hooked up an hour meter to their machine? I’d like to have something that tracks the total time of a print, plus the overall power on and operating time of the machine.

I am doing this so that we can track breakdowns and tune up intervals. We are making a quick guide for 3d printing in the field for USMC EOD techs.

Marlin currently has an option to turn on the print timer to log total hours. We currently do not have it enabled by default, as when updating firmware it will clear your EEPROM and reset the timer. We have submitted a ticket to generate a version with this turned on, and can be followed along for its progress here:

Once that build is complete, it will be synced under a new version (which will be stated in the above ticket) here:

In order to connect via Cura LE with this firmware, you will need to go to Preferences > Configure Cura > Allow connections to wrong machines.

In order to install the new firmware, go to Machine > Manage Printers > Update Firmware > Install Custom Firmware > (select the hex file downloaded above)

We have not tested this feature as of yet, so your mileage may vary.

I will check that out, but we are looking for a separate meter on the machine. Maybe the Taz7 could incorporate this!