PrintInZ on Taz 6

Anyone used a PrintInZ plate (Zebra board) on a Taz 6?
I’ve used them on Flash Forge with great success and I really like the idea of a removable plate. Just don’t know how well the extra 5mm in height would work with the auto-leveling on the Taz 6 (in particular, is it going to be a problem during the auto leveling process?).

I’ve done it on a Mini. It works well. I had them clip the corners off to keep it removable. Then I added some standoffs between the bed and the washer screws to increase the washer height to slightly above the print surface. Note that they need to be conductive, plastic is no good. Mine are brass standoffs for PCB mounting. Then just dial in the Z-Offset to match the new setup. The auto-level works as always. I printed some ABS clips to hold it down to the bed, the whole mess is held down with a couple binder clips.

Okay thanks for showing this because I want one now and the last thing I need is another printer toy lol. I say the video where they print a cone upside down and was sold.

Hi ttabbal! I ordered one for my Mini. I assume you need to bump the bed heat a few degrees to compensate for heat transfer loss, is that correct? Any downside to the PrintZ?

Yes, the surface temp will be a little lower than you set the printer to. It doesn’t seem to need as much heat as PEI to hold the print. Start low and work your way up. You can weld the print to the surface. I also find ramping the extruder up helps prevent that. The first layer goes down a little lower, then kick it up.

Downside… It warps a little with heat. So you have to take it off, flip it over, and hold it down while putting clips on. In practice, it’s not a big deal. Just something to keep in mind. And it’s nice when a print is a little stuck, to take the plate off and flex it a little.

Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I was wondering if you had any issues with the wiper pad using the PrintInZ plate? I am considering getting one for my Taz 6 and am worried about the wiper pad.

FWIW, I finally got around to installing a PrintInZ plate on my Taz 6. Works great.
Of course, I built the PrintInZ plate adapter just before Aleph Objects announced the new modular build plate (which would have made things easier). In any case, interested individuals can check this out: