Print lifting off bed

Recently having problem with prints lifting off the bed before the print is finished.

Imagine printing a 4” x4” x4” cube, with fill=20%, layers=0.20mm, using PLA with head = 210 deg F and bed = 70 deg F.

About 1 hour into the print, the front of the cube on the bed starts lifting off the bed, which of course affects all layers printed after that.

Is this a PEI failure?

Is it the print warping problem?


Pic of approximate 4" circle - hatched red lines indicate where print lifted off bed during print about 1 hour into 4 hour print- it lifted about 2 mm above the bed before I cancelled the print

I have had a TAZ 6 for about three months now, and the first couple of them was spent dealing with similar issues. I couldn’t get PLA to stick to the bed for the life of me. Working with the awesome team at Lulzbot, I got everything working great. These were the things that resolved my issue:

  1. Z-Offset needed to be adjusted - my nozzle wasn’t close enough to the bed for the ‘Squish’
  2. I had to turn one of my Z-axis lead screws several turns so the X-axis was level with the bed (made a huge difference).
  3. I wet sanded the bed with 1500 grit sand paper (I don’t think this is absolutely necessary)

Now my issue is getting my PLA prints off of the bed - they stick really well.

What is the “squish”?

It refers to how your first layer is laid down on your bed. You want your nozzle to ‘squish’ the first layer into the bed so it is somewhat flat, as opposed to the plastic laying down a round shape.

Simplify3D has an incredible support page for printing issues, check out this "Print Not Sticking To The Bed:

If the lifting happens to the left or right side of the printer, check that your frame is square. Seems as though it was an issue with recent TAZ 6 machines during shipping. Then check that the x-rods are level in respect to the bed… measure both sides of the bed to the lowest rod. The auto-level should correct this, but getting as close to parallel as possible should help.

Latest pic after sanding bed with 1200 sandpaper with alcohol.

All 4 corders lifted off bed about 1 hour into a 5 hour print. Lif!ted about 4-5 mm, print ruined

Did you happen to try any of the other potential fixes kcchen_00 or I mentioned? I’d suggest adjusting z-Axis offset and leveling X before your next print.

Just found out that this warping and lifting off the bed is due to cool ambient temperature around the print, especially for large prints.

Solution - an enclosure around the Taz 6 to keep it nice and warm while the print is printing. How warm do we need?

Who sells enclosures? Or where to get plans for an enclosure?

Excellent - Glad you got everything figured out.

I’ve never found cool ambient temperatures to be much of an issue with PLA. I ran a bunch of prints with no problem on a Mini with no enclosure in my 50˚F basement.

I just got my enclosure for my mini from It is super high quality and I’m printing warpy ABS with zero splits or lifting from the bed. I highly suggest you take a look: