Probe error, wondering if anyone knows what's wrong

Video of issue:

This machine is 7 or 8 years of frequent use, and has some wear and tear.

It is failing during the leveling process. It doesn’t have a problem with the first two pads, but then when it gets to the third, it appears to make good contact, but then backs off and goes through the noz cleaning process again. Does this three times and then shows a probe failure message.

Anyone seen this before?


My guess is you’re slightly out of level. The nozzle isn’t level relative to the washer. This would happen to me on the 2nd washer. A perfect tap and right back to the wiping pad. My Z axis was slightly misaligned and continues to go out of alignment over time, every now and then I need to re-align them. Yours wasn’t sounding the best either so I suggest adding some lithium dry lube to the z-rods. Your Y axis could also be slightly out of alignment so keep that in mind also.

Like JoeBowler300 said, your bed could be not level. Also, based upon the sound, I would suggest going through the frame straightening process that Lulzbot has on their website and add a little lithium grease to your screw gears. Plus, clean the excess gunk off your hot end.

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I am having a similar issue with the probing on my Mini 1. I tried leveling out the Z-axis and have it within 0.5mm. The 4th corner is the one that fails to calibrate, but sometimes it does. I checked the continuity between the nozzle and bed, and once the printer has printed a part, it refuses to calibrate that 4th corner. When I check the continuity, sometimes it isn’t a closed circuit. What do you do in those cases?

Thanks for your help. Do you happen to have the link to Lulzbot’s “frame straightening process?” When I search Lulzbot on “frame straightening” nothing comes up. Thanks.

Instructions for how the frames were put together would be on our OHAI.