Proposed dual head with the best of the single Head

The single head V2.1 Is a great head. It works well with all the filaments I have tried including ABS.
The curved feed in the V3 dual head causes a lot of trouble for loading, and for feeding ABS.

I took a look at retaining all the features of the single head that touch the filament, and packing them as tight as possible. the two nozzles are 28.76 mm apart. Not as good as the V3 dual head but a lot better then the V2

The hobbled feed shaft is reversed and the inside bearing is still a standard ball bearing but thinner.

Both motors are behind the nozzles one above the other. this puts most of the weight near the mounting plate.

Fans and a lot of fasteners aren’t there yet.

The main feed housings are mirror images of one another but the geometry is the same.

What think you. thoughts, Suggestions.

That’s an interesting setup… keep us posted.

You may need to work on spacing of the motors and keep an eye on the heat build-up. Also need cooling on the heatsink.

I’m actually pretty impressed with Lulzbot V3 setup utilizing the single the common cold side. While its a bit of problem, the curved compact filament path is innovative.

I bought the V3 head but I had to return it. I never did get it to run ABS.

The motors in this model fit and there is room to adjust them. I can show some more views if you would like.