Dual Head V3 opinions please


I am looking to purchase a dual head v3 while Lulzbot are out of stock with them in the UK I have found some in Farnell, I am a bit concerned, if they are old stock??? I seem to remember there was an issue with the Temp on the dual head and found it was a manufacturing fault, How likely is it that these might have that fault (if they are old stock) Strange question I know just don’t wont to buy trouble, was all ready to buy from Lulzbot when they went out of stock??? :blush:

The temp issue on the Dual V3 was due to the hotend thermister(s) being poorly crimped. The LB PSA has the range of serial numbers which were affected… call the store and ask them to provide the serial number.

With that said, the thermister is easy to change out… ~15min. Remove toolhead, remove fan and duct, unclip thermister wring harness, remove retaining grub screw, replace bad thermister. Reverse directions to install.

I guess it really depends on how bad you want/need the toolhead. Its a good toolhead. Prints really well on either/both nozzles.