Proto-Pasta PC-ABS lifting mid-print

So far I am finding my experience with my TAZ 6 to be very much a learning experience.

After researching the forums here I had set the printer to 280C for the hot end, 120C for the bed, turned off the fans except for bridging.

I thought I had finally nailed a print, when this starting happening partway through:
The initial layers were perfect, and then this layer crapped out on me.

As each strand was being laid, it starting lifting almost immediately.

I have the printer enclosed. The thermometer I placed inside the enclosure was reading about 31C and 20% humidity.

I am using MatterControl with the MatterSlicer as I have been able to control the printer better.

Any thoughts/suggestions?



EDIT: Note, I do have the Dual Extruder v2 installed, but am only using the rear nozzle for this print.