ABS Print Dragging and Lifting


I’ve been using a Taz 6 for over a year and only recently have been having issues. My first layer seems to go on sloppy; dragging filament and lifting. This happens with any size and complexity print.

I use Village Plastics ABS and default settings, which used to work for all kinds of prints. The unit has never been moved and is away from drafts or open windows.
To troubleshoot or to improve my prints, I’ve tried

  • Verifing my print bed is at 110 and the hot end is 240 with an IR thermometer.
  • Lowering my hot end temp to prevent overextrusion
  • Cleaning the hot end and applying painter’s tape for better adhesion

Same results.
Thoughts? Thanks

First guess is that your first layer is a bit far from the bed – although I would have expected painter’s tape to help if that were the case.

Still, assuming that’s the problem… You may be able to compensate by increasing flow on first layer. But probably better to adjust Z-offset using the M851 command. Run M851, see what it reports, make it 0.05 lower. (Example: If M851 reports Z-1.25, try sending “M851 Z-1.30” to get 0.05 closer to the bed.) Try another print, and repeat if needed.

If that solves the adhesion problem, make sure to send an M500 command so the new offset is saved to memory (otherwise it will be lost at next power cycle or connect).

You can also resurface the PEI for better adhesion. With printer off and bed cool, use 1500 or 2000 grit sandpaper with a few drops of water or 50/50 isopropyl/water mix to “wet sand” the bed VERY LIGHTLY. Then clean again with a cotton cloth and some isopropyl alcohol. You’re looking to restore the “matte” finish of new PEI, not trying to remove a lot of material.

Scott, your tips were very helpful. I was able to get the printer back into working order.

An update for anybody else having these issues:
lifting - solved by printing on kapton tape, not blue painter’s. blue painter’s tape used to work really well on PLA, not so much on ABS. be aware that the kapton creates a smooth/shiny first layer, maybe not desired by everybody
dragging - solved by lowering my hot end temp significantly (to 225) and by adjusting z-offset (to -1.5) to bring the hot end closer to the bed