Pulled the Trigger

Well, I did it. After long contemplation, I have decided to purchase a itworks3d.com refurb Taz 5. I was long on the fence about whether to go with the Taz 5 or 6. Piercet managed to convince me to go with the 5. While I only have about 6-7 months of 3D experience, I have over 700 hrs. on my XYZ Davinci 2.0.

I print a replacement part (x-belt tensioner) and put in bearings and it was a simple yet unique experience where my printer was able to replicate itself. I can see where 3d printing takes a toll on its printer, so the ability to be able to replicate helps with cost savings.

I had considered to print my own clone, and although sourcing the parts might have been painful, I think I would have had the technical ability to put one together. What I found however, is that even had I build a OHAI, I couldn’t have build it much cheaper than itworks and that really, they are not making much profit for their work.

Additionally, I wanted the ability to print full size parts and not always have to print stuff and glue it together because I couldn’t print more than 6" at a time. The lulzbot can print 11" x 10" which is almost 16" on the diagonal.

I have taken a long look at your work Piercet and it is invaluable to the lulzbot community. I am going to stick with this one.

Looking forward to doing some DIY upgrades and finally not being limited by my printbed.

Congratulations! Welcome to the Taz club!

Thank you sir. I am looking forward to the upgrade. I have already started printing out parts for my upgraded extruder. (although I might be a little bit ahead of myself)

Wow…just…wow. This is like day/night the differences between my XYZ Davinci. It was like graduating from a Yugo to a Mustang. My prints come out a whole lot nicer. Now I need to work on an enclosure and a way to mount my PrintDry filament dryer.

Congratulations Brutal-Force :slight_smile: