Advice please lulzbot Taz

I have a couple of 3d printers but cheaper ones. A sidewinder and a biqu b1 that I customized, but I’m in the process of buying a better printer. I ordered a few days ago a Prusa i3 mk3 with mmu2s but today I found someone selling a lulzbot Taz 2.1 for what I think a good price of under 500 bucks. My question is since it’s a 2.1 and pretty old without upgraded can I still upgrade it to something close to a taz 6 or it’s just too old of a model for modern upgrades.

I think it’s quite a bit of work to do that upgrade. (good 3->5 upgrade thread here). And $500 sounds like a lot for a Taz 2. I bet you could get $100 off that easy. Would I do this upgrade with a $500 Taz 2? Not a chance. You’re spending signifiant money and time to upgrade a 7 year old printer to a 3+ year old design, in a product category where product innovation is driving rapid technological change. But that’s me.

All of the production files being open source and available really helps if you choose to do this, but if you do go for an upgrade, do it for the adventure. If you just want to print, print well and print consistently, stick with the Mk3. Or you can find good deals on Taz 5s and 6s, and also Minis. (which are underrated, but are awesome for their fantastic frames and smaller build plates, which lets them print a lot faster than a taz for things like part prototyping.) Used lulzbots are starting to sell at a discount, which does make them more attractive. Since all of the documentation is online, they are future-proof from a modding and maintenance standpoint. This is a huge and hugely-undersold value. (and also applicable to Prusa)

Oh it’s just for the fun of it. I just enjoy working on electronics. I honestly have had my printers taken apart and being worked on more than I printed with them. And the price is under 500. Actually it’s exactly like you said. They want 400 for it. And if I don’t get it then when my Prusa gets here probably going to use the frame from my sidewinder to do the :bear: bear upgrade on the Prusa and I also have some really good rails I was going to use on the biqu b1 that I might use on the Prusa. I just love working in them. Only thing I haven’t been able to do for the last 4 months is get my duet wifi working with my sidewinder. But thanks for the advice. I’m more than likely sticking with the Prusa since I really want to try out the mmu2 also.

Soni pulled the trigger and got the Taz 2.1 also because she came down on the price a lot and I’m glad it did. This thing needs some money to get it up to speed. The prints are great but it’s soooo damn loud. Please tell me the new einsy Rambo boards are not as loud. I can’t listen to this. I’m printing parts for the Prusa i3 but in lulzbot yellow and if it didn’t print so good i would have turned it it off a while ago. Plus it’s my first time printing with 3mm filament. And about Prusa in lulzbot yellow it just happened because I wanted a different color besides the orange and i ordered that yellow but I’m 1.75mm for the sidewinder and when I got the Taz she threw in the filament she had and a full unopened 3mm roll was the exact same yellow. So I’m going to do the Prusa in yellow and artillery sidewinder blue