Purchasing Taz 5 in Australia

Now that there is a Lulzbot warehouse in Australia, we aren’t allowed to buy from the US website. I ordered a Taz 5 on Sunday and paid for “One Day Shipping” . It’s now Thursday and it’s still missing in action. I have contacted Lulzbot twice with no response. The courier company Startrack express says they have put an enquiry out to find out where it is.

The tracking status says “Held AAE”, does anyone know what that means?

It means that Australia Air Express has held the package and not released it for delivery to the courier for some reason. Usually there would be a reason tag appended to that. It could be a damaged package, illegible label, law enforcement hold for some reason (someone opened the box and stuck drugs in, or stole the contents, etc.)

Lulzbot is usually pretty responsive about getting back in contact with people. I’d reccommend calling the U.S. line directly if the Australia line remains unresponsive, or send an e-mail to support here. Someone may also see this in the forum, though other avenues of contact will generally be more quickly viewed.

There was a heavy wet snow last night so they probably did not get in to work today. But tomorrow looks better. :sunglasses:

Drugs in my parcel?? Maybe it will be a happy easter after all!

Australian Air Express? The tracking number they gave me was for Startrack express. This always happens in Australia. As soon as they set up a local warehouse, the service turns to rubbish. You have no idea who you are dealing with, who is delivering your parcel or whether there is even an Australian warehouse or if they have just paid a logistics company to hold stock and pretend to be a local warehouse.

I’ve emailed Lulzbot support twice. I would have loved to have had the printer here for Easter.

Thanks for your reply

If I understand the shipping model Australian Air Express uses, (which is mainly conjecture at this point since i’m not in Australia) They ship things from airport to airport, then hand things off to a local courier for final delivery. Startrack express is probably that final courier leg. You might try looking up the nearest Australia Air Express depot to you, explain the situation and give them the tracking and see if they can track it down on their end.

It says that the shipment is already in Brisbane. It look as though it got onto a truck for delivery and then went back to Air Express;

1 23-MAR-2016 02:24 BRS TRUCK OUT
3 24-MAR-2016 06:46 BRS HELD AAE

Startrack have now raised an 'Urgent Enquiry"…it’s lost!

So, just got off the phone from Startrack for the 4th time today. The package is now “Missing”.

I guess it won’t be arriving before Easter.

Still sitting at AAE.

Lulzbot says they are waiting to hear from the “third party fulfillment warehouse” i.e., it is not a Lulzbot warehouse. It was so much easier when we could just by online from the US site.

Lesson; don’t buy anything from Lulzbot if you are in Australia.

Well, it finally turned up. Still trying to get a refund on the one day shipping that took 10 days.

So, now the new one is here, trying to do maintenance on the Taz4. I need a new nozzle…but wait…while it is available in the US, I’m not allowed to buy from the US because I live in Australia. Guess what!!! NO STOCK IN AUSTRALIA.


They don’t sell individual nozzles here either. Just entire hotends. E3dv6 nozzles are Compatable with an out of warranty taz, they are easy to source from a variety of locations. Glad you got your printer finally at least.


Thank’s so much for that information.

Where do you get them from?

I get mine from matterhackers, but I’m in the us as well.

OK, I finally have answers.

Lulzbot do not supply spare nozzles or bearings for the Taz 4 anymore.

They suggested I get them from E-Bay or Amazon.

Do you believe that? An 18 month old printer is now essentially obsolete.

What’s the lesson??

People were screwing up their hotends installing replacement nozzles. I think that’s why they stopped selling them.