Pythonw.exe keeps crashing, so I'm going to Slic3r but need help with profiles (Flexydually)

Recently my Cura installation has been crashing (pythonw.exe crashing) seconds after startup. I’ve uninstalled it, reinstalled it… just won’t work. It worked great for a couple of days, then nothing.

So I’m going to try slic3r. Seeing as I am relatively new to this hobby, I need help configuring Slic3r for my Taz 5 with a flexydually extruder. I’ll be printing with ABS and Ninjaflex and will need to use support on my prints, which was really frustrating on Cura.

Does anyone have any profiles for the flexydually? Or at least some pointers on where to start?

What versions of Cura and Windows are you using?

Cura 19.12 and Windows 10 Pro (10.0.10586)

Sorry about Cura crashing on you. I have two suggestions:

  1. Reset the machine configuration and profiles used by Cura. This does not get deleted when you reinstall, so doing this step manually may help. Delete this folder: C:\Users<username>.cura and then start Cura.
  2. We recently released a beta version of Cura. Give it a try:

As far as slic3r, I don’t know much about it as I have not used it. To convert profiles you should begin with a profile from either:
Take the start/end gcode, then read line by line each setting and replace the data with the equivalent/similar settings available in slic3r.

Did as you said… deleted the relevant folder. After the fresh restart, error still occurs (within seconds of finishing the printer setup wizard).

As far as installing the beta version, what’s the procedure? This is not an installable .exe file, is it? That and windows cautions me (prevents me) from launching the unrecognized file.

Sorry for being such a noob. Thanks for all the pointers so far!

No worries.

Installing the beta version is just like a regular release. For reference here are the instructions:

Windows warns about installing software from a third party. For software providers that you do not trust, do not install their applications. If you cannot get past this point, please post a screenshot of the error message you run into.