Simplify 3D support for TAZ6 w. flexydually V2

(dual posting on S3D community)

Needing a slicer that works with our TAZ6 and not having the time to wait for Cura LE 3 to stabilise, we bought a licensense for S3D but the flexy dually V2 tool head does not seem to be supported out of the box?

You will need to copy from the TAZ6 Cura profile (in addition to the obvious stuff) the nozzle offset(s), the start gcode, the end gcode, and add the nozzle offset(s) as:

M218 T1 Yyy.yyy commands (at the end of the start gcode, the nozzle wipe and leveling are written without offsets).

By default, Cura does the nozzle offsets while it slices, S3D prefers the nozzle offsets to be handled by the firmware.

I have both a Dual Extruder V2 and a Dual Extruder V3 defined in S3D. I added “M218 T1 X0.0 Y0.0” to the beginning of the Cura start gcode so I can print a gcode file from either slicer without having to think about it (only took a couple of failures to convince me).

Let me know if you’d like to look at my Dual Extruder V2 start gcode files (for either or both CuraLE and S3D).

Thanks, that would be great!

Is firmware version important apart from being downloaded with Cura? I downloaded with Cura 3.2.21 for TAZ6 flex dually V2.

So I start with a TAZ6 Dual fff and change the mentioned settings - setting up two processes, they should both get the start and end g-code?

Yearh, I would love to see that. I have had a go at it myself and learned a lot from it, but have not testet it yet. Tricky to choose skirt and ooze shield settings to achieve a wipe of both extruders at all layers.

One of the things I don’t understand and can’t find answers to in forums is, when having set up two processes for a dual material print - one for each material (abs and ninjaflex), and having this in the startup script:

M140 S[bed0_temperature]; get bed heating up

the bed temperature seems to always be picked from one of the processes specifically (the ninjaflex process 40C), even if Bed T0 is defined in both of the processes with different temperature (110 C for Abs). I can’t find a way to pick between them?

I guess I can profile my way out of it with a “ninja dual process for abs” and a “ninja single process”, just wondered if there was a better way to handle it.

Here are my Dual Extruder V3 start and end profiles for CuraLE and Simplify3D (3.67 KB)


Regarding bed temperature I did not find another way of controlling it, other than setting the same bed temperature for each material and call the two processes “dual”. I will then have single processes for single extruder use.

Thank you for the profile - we finally have a half decent experience with Flexy Dually V2, where S3D is far superior to Cura at the moment when needing to use another filament, as it is actually usable.

I am sure the new Cura will be great, when it becomes more stable and featured with profile edit, export, import.