Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and LCD bracket for mounting in front of a Taz 3 (and maybe 4/5) controll box

This is a set of mounting hinges, LCD container boxes, and associated bracketry for installing a 5 inch HDMI touchscreen for Raspberry Pi in the dead space in front of the Lulabot Taz 3 (or 4/5 with a bit of modificiation) control box. This will allow you to make your printer look cooler, and be more functional at the same time, which is a win! This uses several M3 heat set inserts, 2 M3 10mm bolts, 10 M3 6mm bolts, 4 M3 12 or 14mm bolts, a really long ribbon cable (26 pin, prefferably mail one end and female the other, though those seem to be very rare) and ribbon hdmi calbe for Raspbery Pi .

more pictures and the start of the STL’s
LCD_Bracket_Top_1_0_a.stl (38.8 KB)

LCd_holddown_1.stl (23.5 KB)
LCd_holddown2.stl (29.2 KB)

LCD_Bracket_Bottom_1_0_a.stl (38.8 KB)

Instructions. Priunt out the things. Install 8 M3 heat set inserts in the front LCD bezil, 2 in the rear box cover, 2 in whichever LCD bracket hinge thing gets them installed in the ends, and 2 n the Taz 3 control box cover (or adapt this to fit on anyother control box - If there is interest I’ll make a 4/5 specific variant that will fit. )

Then bolt everything together, feed the wires through where they need to go, and you should be all set. I’m not listing a wire source at this time, because I am looking for better variants of both wires.
Tazberry_Pi_Extension_Taz3_mod_2_1_a_LCD_Edition.stl (410 KB)
LCDbox_back_1_0_a.stl (100 KB)
LCDbox_Front_1_0_a.stl (84.2 KB)

Cooler looking printer… I’m IN! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though… nice mod. I’ve meaninig to integrate my RPi into the printer and add the touch screen.

Thanks! Which control box are you running? I can adapt the 5 cover if you would use it. Also I should be able to thin the bezel if I can figure out a thinner ribbon cable setup.

I’ve got a 5… but I’m not sure when this project will make it to the top of the ToDo list. I haven’t figured out my enclosure situation, so in the end I may not be able to use the bracket. But its a great resource to start a mod… I appreciate the effort and sharing!

Alright, I can extend it back out to a 5 pretty easily. it basically just needs wider mounting flanges. I’ll see if I can’t get one made sometime in here.