Recommendation Extruder upgrade?

I have a TAZ 6 with an Archim2 and the original extruder/tool head.
90% of the things I print are my own designs for things I need.
I often print in more exotic materials like PC, fiber reinforced nylon…
The prints come out really nice in all layer heights when the design features fluid movements.
Every time I have a design that needs a lot of retraction the print quality goes down.
If the part is big enough this normally is only cosmetic, when I try to print more delicate parts it can get so bad the the part is just scrap.

Now I have a little conundrum:

  • stay on 2.85mm and find a good upgrade extruder(Titan Aero, Orbiter 1.5, custom design with Bondtech dual drive gear)
  • convert to 1.75mm and take advantage of the newest extruder designs(Hemera, Matrix, Biqu H2, Bondtech LGX, TBG-lite) and much bigger availability of filaments

Extruders or parts for an extruder are almost impossible to get locally.
Both 1.75mm extruders and parts are widely available locally.
But I have a lot of quite expensive filament in 2.85mm left, have not been able to sell it.

Does anybody have advice, maybe an upgrade path that I have not looked at?

I’m very happy with my LulzBot M175 V2.1 tool head on my TAZ 6. I also have an Aerostruder (KT-CP0128, E3D Titan Aero). I think this is replaced with the SE tool head.
Both the M175 and SE will require the Universal Tool Head Adapter (UTHA).

The H175 using the E3D Hemera is also a possibility (again with the UTHA).

I’d go the M175 v2.1 (and have two on order for the machines at my office). I’ve been pretty happy with the results of the Aerostruder on the Mini 2, but that’s been only with PLA.

One of the great things with the Taz is that you’re not really “converting” when you go 1.75, just choosing the toolhead from the menu on the machine and doing a few screws to swap heads. Burn through your existing filament where it’s practical and go 1.75 when you need to.

Thanks for posting on your problems. I have the same issue with my old TAZ5 but thought it was just me. Looks like a new extruder is in order.

Thanks for all your replies og good tips.
I have check the last couple of days if it is possible to source any of the options locally(Norway).
But I think I have to order something from abroad.
The Lulzbot tool heads and ITworks3D options are to expensive ->only private use :slight_smile:
I think I will try to order all the parts to create a customized SE tool Head(titanium heatbreak, plated copper heat block/ceramic heat core…) and use one of the many designs on thingiverse to print the toolhead.


Have now the parts to build a Titan Aero toolhead based on the itworks designs on thingiverse.

Does anybodyknow how to get a 0.9 degree extruder stepper motor to work?