Removing threaded extension on Budashnozzle1.0

I had a problem similar to other users with mangled threads on nozzle after not removing easily. Now I need to replace the threaded extension as well as the nozzle. However, I cannot get the threaded extension to remove from the heater block. Any ideas or suggestions? I am almost ready to replace the whole Budashnozzle, but would like to avoid it if possible.


I had that same problem as did a lot of people who had to remove it. I removed the set screw and still would not move, cold or hot. I needed my printer working so I just order another Budashnozzle. Made sure that I used plumbers tape on the threads.

I too had that same problem. I ended up removing the entire assembly and unscrewing the damaged extension and block from the other (ceramic?) end. I ordered a new extension and block and transferred the old resistor and thermistor to the new block. I’m not looking forward to doing that again anytime soon.