Repairing a damaged PEI sheet

I just replaced my PEI sheet a few months ago since it was bubbling. Yesterday the auto-level feature must have messed up because the nozzle was etching into the PEI sheet. I clean the nozzle regularly, but I guess some plastic must have still been on the tip.

So I aborted the print and homed everything, but the damage had been done. There is a 1 or 2mm bump in the PEI where the nozzle stopped. I really don’t want to scrape off and replace the sheet again. Has anyone had any luck attempting to repair a sheet like this? I was considering heating the bed up to around 70 - 90c so the pei becomes a little soft and attempting to flatten the bump out, then wet sanding it with 90% IPA once it has cooled.

I’ve messaged support and that was their suggestion, but I wanted to reach out to the forum to see if anyone else has attempted a repair like this.


Flatten and wet sand should work well. Wet sanding is the reccommended technique to resurface PEI that is no longer adhering for whatever reason anyways. if you can get the bump flat enough you are happy with the result, it should be fine.