Replacement Hot end jammed...(Dud: Needs Replacing:Closed)

Not sure what’s going on now, I had a thermistor go a few weeks ago, I was shipped a brand new replacement hot end, I’ve done a few 4 hour prints with with ABS, went to try to print a part this morning and it’s clogged. It get’s to temperature, the thermistor reads 230C but I can barely push the filament through by hand, ofcourse, if I try to print, the hobber just rips through the filament. Something is up… frustrating.


I took the hot end apart and it looks like there is a piece of ABS stuck where the insulator piece meets the metal, almost like it expanded a bit too much. One other thing that concerns me about this hot end is that the resistor is completely loose in it’s hole, I can see an air gap almost all the way around, that means it barely has contact with the heater block, that can’t be good for long term health of the resistor, it also looks like ABS material came up through the nozzle threading (Third picture)…

It’s rare that ABS experiences heat creep like that. It looks like your nozzle threading on the threaded extension is rather damaged. You’re more than likely going to need a replacement. Mind sending in your information to

I contacted Claudio… Well, this was supposed to be the replacement!! :slight_smile: Lasted 8 hours.

I ended up replacing the thermistor in my old hot end and I’m using that for now, it works perfectly!! I was supposed to return that one but it looks like this new one will be going back.

Yes, I know it was VERY weird, at temperature I could not budge anything, it’s almost like there was a full on obstruction, like metal or something. Yes, the threaded tube is totalled. All the other parts are fine.

Just an update, recieved an e-mail from Claudio, he’s looking into it. Thanks for the quick response guys…luckily I have the mini here and I was able to to fix my old hot end so atleast I’m up and running…