Hot end fuse location?

I’ve just recently run into an issue where the hotend doesn’t seem to heat up anymore. The process starts but fails without the nozzle heating. The thermistor looks to be accurate.

Is the heating element protected by a fuse? If so, which one? I was going to replace that and then maybe recrimp the wires in case there’s a failure there somehow.

I passed 3km of filament on this extruder last month so I think it’s probably about time for something like this to wear out.

Hi. Sounds like your heater cartridge may have crapped out. They are an inexpensive replacement.

I ended up just buying a new hotend assembly. I put over 4km of filament through the last one and wore just about everything else out anyway. It’s one of the things I prefer about the Lulzbots over the other printers. Really easy to just swap out the assembly and keep going.