Replacing polymer bearings on the X axis on the Mini

Have some 8mm hard steel shaft material ordered. I’m not finding a dimensioned drawing for the Mini2 bushings. Am I correct that roller bearings are not available as drop in replacements? Nor would drylin linear slide bearings: IGUS RJZM-01-08 ??
Think the precision itWorks bearings best choice?

The Mini 2 shipped with RJMP-01-08. Here is the product page for that bearing.

If you are going to stick with the IGUS plastic bearing, yes, the RJMP is the best choice. The RJM series fits the rod much looser.

RJMP ID- Tolerance +0.000 +0.040 mm
RJM ID- Tolerance +0.025 +0.061 mm

The BOM for Mini 2 is here:

I had to replace my carriage with Biolumo’s version to fit the LM8UU ball bearings. I don’t think there are drop-in replacement ball bearings available.

Comparing the specs of a LM8UU to the RJMP-01-08, the outer diameter is 1mm larger on the RJMP.

Thanks for all the responses.
So, with a Mini 2 from earliest production run, seems I’m supposed to have the precision bushings. I cleaned the rods thoroughly with alcohol and still had groaning. So, have applied a drop of Tri-Flow and groaning no more.

I made a step by step video on how to replace the X axis toolhead bearings. Enjoy.