Request: Enclosure Location Advice

EDIT: Keeping the post up if it helps others and editing to add some follow up information

Hello Lulz-ers!

Main question:
Are there any dangers or warnings for having a Taz 5 printing on a wooden surface? Any fire hazards? With or without the enclosure itself?

Supporting Details:
Random, but I have an unused bathroom that I’d like to host my 3D printer.

My plan is to build a removable structure to go over the bathtub, and to (of course) disable the water to that bathroom. It’s a guest bath, that’s why I want a removable structure.

Thanks in advance for any tips and info!


  • Have had the printer running in the 2nd bathroom for a week now (as of updating the post)
  • No heat issues with the wood underneath the printer.
  • The room gets warm, I recommend closing vents in the colder months if needed; I live in Denver though so even in the winter it gets too warm for my comfort, working in the next room. We have a lot of sun remember :slight_smile:

You should never leave any 3d printer unattended. If the thermistor or heater core falls out of the hotend (which is rare, but can happen) a machine destroying fire can ensue.

That being said, there are no parts that transmit heat in contact with the bottom of the printer, so something made of wood should be fine. Be aware that a disused bathtub drain that doesn’t have water in the trap can vent flammable sewer gasses unless you cap the drain. It takes a few weeks of disuse for the trap water to evaporate, longer for a toilet.

I am currently using a half bathroom that I am remodeling in my home as my enclosure. It’s a small bathroom so it’s perfect for keeping the heat in and it’s worked quite nicely.

Thanks, I’m building a PiBox to give me video and temperature feed. I work from home in a 2nd bedroom, so the printer will always have me nearby!

Fascinating tip on the bathtub too, I wasn’t aware of that. Sounds like if I cap the tub and shut off the water I won’t have any problems. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Or just pour a quart down it once a month. it’s no different from having a rarely used bathroom in the house. It’d be pretty hard to get an explosive concentration of sewer gasses (at least according to mythbusters) without noticing the smell first.

I trust you 100% with that name drop :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback, still, it’s something to watch out for.