Restart on Power flicker = Not good

So I just noticed the other day that when the power flickered at my place, my Taz didn’t quite shut down but did a complete restart. I was lucking enough to be near by and hear it in the other room before it had a chance to re-zero and try to start the print over, which would have lead it right into the part that it was previously trying to print, not so good. I can only imagine what would have happened if I wouldn’t have been there to stop it, especially if the part was a thick part and well adhered to the bed. I imagine a new set of motors and belts would be in order quite quickly, not to mention stress on other components.

Good news is, the power flicker rarely happens, maybe once, twice a year BUT it is kinda concerning seeing as how much damage it could cause if it did happen. I’m just wondering if there’s anyway to prevent it from restarting when this happens, could this be set in the firmware somewhere? Or is it more of a built in fault in the CB or other hardware…??

I would suggest putting the printer on a UPS to eliminate that problem.

I guess that’s one solution yes.

I used to run a 3D Systems SLA that required a dual conversion UPS so the laser would never see a power interruption. The milliseconds long blip for a standard UPS to switch from line power to battery kills those old gas lasers. I am still running that same UPS for my TAZ and Mini. I have had my UPS unplugged for 5 minutes while both printers were running. It is great not having to worry about a momentary loss of power killing a six hour print or two.

You could get a UPS for a couple hundred bucks or less that would cover 99% of the power interruptions. Money well spent, I say!

interesting…yep, UPS’s ofcourse would work but I was more curious if something could be done on the software side…
like tell the printer to just stop instead of restart on power blip. Anyway, it’s super rare that it happens around here, maybe i’ll just cross my fingers instead…a little cheaper… :slight_smile: