Scratches on Final layer.

When I print a flat object I always have a few scratches on the finished part like the nozzle has dragged. The part looks good except for that. I have adjusted temp. and zhop but part always has a few the print would be great if I could get rid of them. Thanks Phil.

My printer is a Taz 6 purchased last year I have made some great prints including a 40 hour Dragon knocker print. I hope Someone has some ideas on removing the scratches. Thanks Phil.

Cura LE 3.2.21 now has an “Ironing” feature. This will go back over the top layer again to smooth out the surface. You can adjust items such as line pattern, line spacing, flow percentage, and offset from the outer walls. We have not had a chance to fine tune this for all profiles, but if you dial in some settings we would love to take a look at them for possible stock incorporation.