New release Cura 3.2.23 ?

Well I just downloaded the 3.2.21 edition a few weeks a go and I see that a new update is available. I had a few problems getting my prints back to normal. I do love the ironing feature. My question is it worth going through the trouble of downloading the latest update and having to tune my printer all over again? Thanks Bama

You can view our release notes for each stable version of Cura LE here: This should help you decide if you would like to take advantage of any of the new features/fixes.

Are there specific things you found yourself changing in profiles?

Yes I had been printing with Esun Petg. With color fab xt profile tweaking nozzle temp. to 240 and bed at 80 but the new update would extrude to much material and it would stick to nozzle before first layer. I found the taulmen tglase profile got close I changed print temp and bed back to 240 and 80. The first time i tried ironing on a punsher key chain it worked great. The reason I wanted it was for the ironing feature. One more thing the Z offset was -1.075 before the update the new update would only let me put -1.07 and it was squishing the first layer to flat after multiple attempts I settled on -1.04 .