Sculptable Filament???

Hello Lulzbot Forum!!!

I am new to this forum, and also new to a Taz 6… but have a decade behind me Art Directing for toy design and 3D modeling for animation… Its been a wild ride starting up on my Taz 6 and have no real issues, to speak of, right now… but I was curious if anyone has used any of this new sculptable filament or wax based filaments I have started recently seeing across the web, and if Lulzbot has any plans for the future or if there are any rogue printers here, who have ventured out and tried these new filaments???

thanks, Brandt

There is a thread in the forum here where someone printed using castable wax to make an rc car wheel mold core. It turned out quite nice. I don’t know of any posts regarding the sculptable filaments here, but there are online reviews that may be pertinent.