SE V2 0.5 mm extruder stops extruding

I recently replaced the original extruder in my TAZ6 with a V2 Single Extruder, 2.85 to 0.5 mm. It seemed to do fine at first, but lately it plugs or otherwise stops extruding with every print. This is after only ~6 prints in total.

If I clear the plug it seems to extrude fine when changing filament. I’ve done so multiple times now, and each time it begins ok. Once I start a print, though, the extruder gear turns but no filament comes out… or it stops doing so not long after completing the skirt.

The only possible clue I have is that when I extract the filament it appears badly “dented” where the extruder grips it. Might the tension be too high or too low? I see no guide online as to how best to adjust the tension on this bugger.

Any on-the-ground advice appreciated! Not a newbie, but this particular behavior in a brand new extruder has me stumped.

Make sure extruder gear teeth gripping filament are clean of filament debris.
Sometimes you just get a bad roll of filament. Try a different roll.
Extruder may be too cold. Increase temperature 10 degrees, see if any difference.
Still a problem? You are going to have to try increasing tension on filament against extruder gear.

I hope that helps.