Searching: Borosilicate Glass Bed TAZ pro

Hey there.
I am looking for a Borosilicate Glass Bed for my TAZ pro to experiment with it. The ones offered by LULZBOT are unavailble.
Does anyone know another online shop where I can find fitting exemplares for the TAZ pro? During my research I couldn’t find any in the size of 300x300mm.
Thank you all.

Here’s what I could find. Looks like they are cheap and available. I wish I could find them for the mini.

Once you have the glass, you can get PEI here:

LulzBot uses PEI sheets that are 10mil thickness and the 3M adhesive is 5mil (this will already be on one side of the sheet) for a total of 15mil.

The PEI sheets are matte finish on one side and gloss on the other. LulzBot adheres the 3M to the gloss side so that the side of the PEI you print on is the matte side. This is the opposite of how CS-Hyde does it … but their website indicates that you can call them if you want to order a sheet where the matte is usable and the 3M adhesive is on the gloss side (the way LulzBot uses it).

It’s a little easier to order 12x12" sheets (300mm works out to something like 11.81"). It’s very easy to trim the PEI with a sharp razor knife. Being just slightly over-sized means you don’t have to worry about mounting the sheet perfectly square on the build-plate and can trim away anything that hangs over the edges.

Question before I break something… I purchased the PEI and Borosilicate Glass surface (was able to get two from Amazon as we have two TAZ 6 that are in need of new PEI); however, it seems I’ll have to pull the heater off the existing one. Is this even possible? Or should I buy new heaters as well? Thank you!

Here is how the bed is assembled at the factory. If you have a modular bed it’s different. I definitely recommend that upgrade. It’s made a huge difference on my Mini.

@Iggy Thank you for the link! I’ve started the return process on PEI/glass surface we bought and will probably buy the modular bed. This makes the most amount of sense going forward and definitely lowers the cost of my time on fixing the beds.

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