A couple Ocotpi & Raspberry Pi Quesions

Hi all, finnaly got my Raspberry Pi working with Ocotoprint and have a couple questions.

I have plugged in the Taz 5 printer into the USB port on the Raspberry Pi Is this correct? Or are you suppose to connect the printer to your main computer? OR dose it matter since its all on the network?

Under OcotoPrint Settings is it best to create a custom profile of your printer or use the Generic RepRap Printer profile?

Under OcotoPrint Settings what specific information is needed in the Axis field?

I can only answer part of your question, which is that the TAZ gets plugged directly into the Pi, then you log into the Pi wirelessly over your home network. I can’t answer your other questions because I switched from OctoPrint to AstroPrint, and don’t actually do any of my slicing in either program. I just send gcode to the Pi and use AstroPrint to control the printer and monitor the print.

I was reading this post as i was looking into ways to print over network and it seemed that the best way to accomplish this was with Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint. I just wanted to share that i was able to accomplish printing over network with our new TAZ5 using a USB Device Server. This is the device that worked for me, SILEX High Performance Device Server SX-3000GB. I bought one via Amazon for $150±
The setup was very easy and it recognized the device right away.

We are actually running a print right now…

I apologize for posting this in here, i could not start a new topic nor find another place to share this.

Hope this helps someone else too