Should I upgrade to Cura 2.6?

So poking around I see Ultimaker has 2.7 out. The LulzBot download page “STRONGLY” advises new users to use Cura 1. Is 2.6.43 really buggy? Most of the info I can find is at least 6 months old.

Anyone using a 2.6 version for prints? if so, what are the major benefits?

Cura 2.6 has now officially rolled out in it’s non-beta capacity. If you haven’t switched over and are using a Taz 5 or newer I would recommend switching. There is a much more comprehensive list of settings to make adjustments to in the new Cura Lulzbot Edition. The only down side is that it does seem to take a bit more computing power so people on older or more bogged down machines sometimes see lag. Otherwise make sure to clear your cache files and add your printer as a new machine when you upgrade to avoid any weird bugs in the transition process.