New Cura 2. on Taz 4?

It seems very un-Lulzbot like for the newer Cura (2.6.63) not to support a Taz 4 printer. Will support for Taz 4 printers be added to the new Cura?

It is very uncomfortable telling the software not to check the printer version and having to face a warning that the printer could be damaged.

How will firmware on a Taz 4 be updated or reinstalled?

I am trying to help a local school with their 3D printing and they have 2 Taz 4’s. If I don’t check the firmware version where do I start?

I am also having trouble getting the bed up to printing temperature. It stops 1 degree short (109 not 110). I saw a post on that but I was hoping a firmware update might fix it.

Any help will be appreciated,


OK, now I’m just a little angry…

I finally found a post regarding the Taz 4 and Cura2. It didn’t show up in any of my searches, I just had to look through all the software posts.

Turns out Cura 2 does not support the Taz 4. Well LulzBot how about a little heads up on that!!! According to your Cura Lulzbot page “For the best results, use the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition. Legacy Cura LulzBot Edition is still available, but will no longer be updated.” Could you maybe put in a note somewhere that the Taz 4 still requires the legacy version and provide a link to it??? A link that goes directly to the latest instal file not an archive of every Cura edition ever released. How is anyone supposed to know Cura 2 won’t work on the Taz 4 until it is downloaded and installed? There is no mention anywhere that Cura 2 is not compatible with all Lulzbot printers. Come on…

That rant helped a little,


Just hit the same situation… my TAZ 4 was down for maintenance for a few months so I updated Cura:

“For the best results, use the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition”

… well after wasting a couple hours trying to get it setup and working correctly I came across these posts.
Lulzbot Team: Please make it more clear that the “Latest” version of Cura is only compatible with TAZ5-6 and Mini. This is very frustrating. I hope that one day us TAZ4 users will get Cura2 integration.