Show off your Printer and Printing station!

Show us what your printing station looks like!

This is how it all looked about 6 minutes after delivery!

Everything set up about 30 minutes after delivery!

Added a custom clip-on webcam mount for my LifeCam Studio!

My Bot shelf. I’ve claimed half of the living room.

The workspace

I commissioned a simple cabinet from my retiree dad. He’s been doing a lot more complex wood furniture than that so it was a piece of cake for him. The upper drawer has a separator in the middle, I keep the tools on the left and sample/failed prints on the right. I store the filament spools in the lower compartment.

Of course, the drawer and door knobs were 3D printed from a simple design I made in FreeCAD. I might print them again in natural ABS though.

And I need to get better lighting.

I unboxed it a couple of hours ago so its been on my kitchen table. I have zero experience with 3d printers and aside from missing drivers I had no trouble setting it up. I’ve already printed a few calibration pieces.

I like your camera mount! Are the files for that posted somewhere? Did you design it?

I designed it. The main arm is made in two pieces that are solvent welded together. I’ll get the .stl files on the net soon.

Edit: Here they are.

Kittaz completed and seems to be working. I’m amazed at the print quality. Here’s the workstation I built while anxiously waiting for the kit to arrive. It’s built into an old workbench downstairs that my wife used for one of her previous hobbies. I walled off part of the bench, put in a platform for the printer, and added a door. The original plan (or requirement ) was to vent it to the outside, but there seems to be little odor, and after performing initial test prints in the living room, the requirement has been waived for the time being. Thanks to all the forum users and Kittaz owners who documented their build experience. All the information has been very helpful.

Here is my temporary printing station. The cold drafts in my garage are not conducive to printing so this cardboard box compilation keeps my printer nice and toasty. It keeps it in there around 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is pretty ugly but its only temporary. I put the LED strip in there that I have been saving, to provide some much needed light.

Here are a few photos with the holiday spirit in mind.

Note: I printed out the Christmas Ornament, took 23 hours and failed in the final half an hour. No idea why. :blush:

Markz: I love the rail idea. I will have to steal that for a later version of my printing station.

Theycallmejohn: Thanks!, Steal away. It’s just a couple of drawer slides from the local home improvement store. I thought it would come in handy, but I haven’t really found a need for it so far.

I am using the Lulzbot cat guard

Keebie8: Looks great! And it keeps the little nose prints off the extruder! Has it improved the print quality?

Does it let a lot of the heat out?

Like Theycallmejohn I’m into the low tech enclosures. My TAZ4 is in my research lab on the 7th floor of a renovated 1850s warehouse, with original restored windows. So it can be a bit drafty when its cold and windy out. This combined with the idiots who decided that putting a -80*C freezer next to the thermostat wouldn’t be a problem made it necessary to have some sort of enclosure.

I’m printing the gearHeart so I can see how my prints stack up in the print resolution discussion now that I have replaced the X&Y shafts and bearings.

Feel like my printer is kinda in the open compared to the rest of the posts. :open_mouth:

Sorry for the mess the desk is usually my warhammer painting area. :blush:

This past weekend I got my new TAZ 5 set up. Got it assembled, powered up and went through the bed leveling procedure. Unfortuantely I had not yet received my filament, so that’s where the work ended. But it did allow me to get the work area nice and tidy. Ended up setting this up in the spare bedroom in the basement, along with the electronics bench.

Since last weekend my couple of reels of HIPS arrived (Red and Black), so I’ll be off to the races this weekend when I should have time to continue with my test print (to make sure the bed is properly leveled). Spent about half an hour doing that, trying to get the drag on the piece of paper to the hot end feeling the same on all four corners.

Wish me luck!

Just getting setup after getting everything out of the box.

Little print nook of mine. A friend and I are working on Ultra Fine Particle filtered enclosure that recirculates air,incoming plug this is the MK2 of the “3D Print clean” . We’re still making improvements and looking to have measurable data in the next few months.

Though so far, no ABS smell, some noticeable sound reduction, and no warping (at least due to drafts, I still stink at bed leveling)! My NYC apartment is poorly ventilated and drafty, so this has been a god send!

The Bot Cave!