Show us your Ciclop scans!

Here’s a quick scan I did today just for fun.

Most people will probably recognize the statue as Hotei, Budai or “The Laughing Buddha”. You can learn more about it here:

The STL turned out a bit lumpy

But now there’s a tiny Hotei!

So far I haven’t had much luck. Still working on dialing in the settings, but the mess is too mesy to make a good reconstruction.

On thing I noticed is that while using both lasers one of them is dialted compared to the other. Makes me wonder what the point of calibration is if this sort of thing happens.

I think I had this issue momentarily, but it seems resolved. Keep in mind that any time you change your scanning environment (new light added, more sun from a window, etc) it’s a good idea to re-run the wizard and possibly other advanced calibration options. The Camera Intrinsic calibration is completely optional and BQ suggests that the defaults should be more than adequate - I’d skip that one.

For the overlapping lines have you tried the Laser Calibration?

Once it’s complete you can review how Horus is interpreting the laser data. According to the docs, the numbers you see in the calibration screen on the right (in the viewport box) “values around 0.1 are adequate”. On the left hand side the values in the top box (should be ~= 162.123456, etc) should not have a difference of greater than 30 units.

Does your calibration show a difference of greater than 30 units?