Sic3r configurations with the .5mm nozzle?

I have been wanting to improve the finish quality of my prints on my TAZ. I almost always have to do some sanding and acetone to get smoother prints, yet my other printers (also running ABS) don’t need any. I know this machine can print as good if not better. I have been using Cura with no luck. I used slic3r with the old configurations and it wasn’t much better. I also have been using matterslice recently with the best results, but still not good enough. I would like to try the new configurations, but have switched all of my nozzles to .5mm. Can I run the posted cofigurations with a .5mm nozzle if i just change the nozzle size within slic3r? Is is that simple or is there a ton of changes I need to make to account for the larger nozzle size?

Changing the nozzle size in Slic3r is the first step. It may be a better option to look over your belt tension, your filament tension/diameter and your specific gcode/Slic3r configurations with pictures of the printed product, since you’ve tried different slicers.

From what I’ve gathered in trying to find settings for my 0.5mm nozzle I found this:

Apparently there is more to it than just changing the nozzle size setting. I haven’t used these values a lot but the few prints I have used them came out nicely

Those are pretty close to the settings I am running on my .5mm. I think I have the layer height a bit higher because I was going for speed over resolution, but its about the same

Here are a couple profiles I modified to use with a .50 nozzle. They work pretty good, I prefer them over .35 for structural items. They are faster than .35 printing, but could probably use some speed optimizing.