optimal setting for speed

What would be the best settings to speed the printer up?

It depends on the printer and the nozzle size. if you are talking a TAZ, chances are it shipped with a .35mm nozzle. I print with a .50 nozzle on my Ao-10x which is larger, so i am able to have my speeds higher. The main ones that are going to speed things up are the perimiters and infill

These are the base settings I tend to use as a starting point for my slicer configurations for printing ABS. If you have a .35 nozzle these probably will fail miserably. That being said, I can push these higher significantly when I print if I am printing larger objects, and those settings as is usually result in bad small parts so I do need to tweak the small perimiters settins and whatnot more. I haven’t got that far in dialing things in yet though.

Make sure your belts are all very tight, your tolerances on everything are lined up as much as you can get them and that everything is tightened down to specifications. Raise the infill and perimiter settings slowly on parts you don’t really care about and see what happens to see where the limits are. One of the advantages of the smaller mendelmax style machines is I feel they can actually move faster than the larger ones when you get them dialed in due to the relitivly stiffer frame and smaller moving mass on the bed.

Hi, thank you for responding, I am using a .35 stock one that came with system. I printed a flower pot last night, perim was at 100 infill 150. travel default at 130. I turned the knob on the front of the printer it’s self
for filament speed and I think it got faster, but I was so tired not sure if I imagined it… So for big prints, big nozzle rule of thumb? Thank you!!

We are testing some Slic3r configurations for 0.35mm nozzles here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/2.1/software/2013Q4/slic3r/config/pt35mm-nozzle/

You can import them into Slic3r one at a time, in Slic3r, by going to File > Import config.

Bigger nozzle is going to be faster, but you lose fine detail. it just depends on what you are printing and how much time you care to spend printing it. I can get pretty good results with my .5 nozzle, but there are some things I cannot print well with it. Generally a bigger part without fine detail is ideal for a .5 nozzle.

I understand, what do you consider a big part by inchs? And if I want to go to the .50 for bigger prints, do I change the tip or the whole thing? Thanx again for your help! :smiley:

To change to a .50 nozzle you unscrew the existing tip and add the new one. Anything under a half inch or so in size is a “small” part for me, but even larger parts have small features.

Once you change the nozzle you have to change the slicer profile settings to match

you mean adjust the nozzle size setting in SLCR, or do I need to change them all? Or is there a profile I should find?

Every profile you make will have a nozzle size specified. This is to allow you to make different profiles for different printing operations. For example I have a profile for normal printing, a “high quality” profile, a Brim profile, a support profile, etc. Ideally you would have one of each of your profiles for each nozzle size you might use, for example “.5mm ABS Brim + Support + 90% infill” and “.35mm ABS Brim + Support + 90% infill” could be two separate profiles under your naming convention, with different settings in each one. You also can have filliament profiles under repetier anyways, which is useful if you print with lots of different materials.

Gotcha… How do you tighten belts, I don’t see an adjustment?