Removable Folding Spool Arm for Mini

When we built the enclosure for our Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, we needed to replace the stock pivoting spool holder in order to install a side panel on the printer, so we designed a bracket to mount a removable spool arm.

The first version was just a hack (literally - we hack sawed the bottom off the stock arm, and made it removable, with the printable bracket we designed. We also made a printable version of this where we simply hacked off the bottom portion of the stock arm in OpenSCAD. Not very elegant, but it worked, and it had the advantage that the spool arm didn’t tip over every time we moved the printer.

We were never really happy with that solution, so here is a n improved spool arm. This one uses the same mounting bracket, as the old hack, but it changes the upper end so that it pivots and fold up into the vertical pillar for storage, just like a swiss army knife.
Filament Pilar2V1.stl (2.18 MB)
We’re really pleased with the final design, and wanted to share it. Best of all it is still printable on the build platform of the Lulzbot Mini. (the stock arm did not.) Now you can print your own removable-folding spool arm.

The arm folding arm project is also up on thingiverse at:

This project is part of our effort to build an enclosure kit for the Lulzbot Mini. If you’re interested, the kit is available at:

Jim Rasmussen
TabSynth Design Works
Madison, WI

Filament Arm2V1Combined.stl (2.59 MB)
Filament Arm2V1.stl (417 KB)

Nice job.