Simplify3D default profile for TAZ4

I have used the default Simplify3D TAZ4 profile to print some samples, with awful results.
My ABS for tests is not the filament that sells Lulzbot, although I have used it many times with my Prusa with good results.

Would you recommend any settings to configure Simplify3D TAZ4 profile for ABS printing ?


Their default profile worked great on my Taz 2.1. Don’t forget you can always hit them up for some help. I have asked a couple questions of them via email. They have been pretty responsive…

Yes. I have used their support some times. But I believe the results I am getting must be my fault because are pretty awful. I wish to upload an image to show you what I mean but it seems this forum does not allow uploading pictures.
It has a horrible layer banding and ugly infill.

There are some profile suggestions and a sample profile in the Development/Software forum.


I too had horrible results using the Default Taz profile.


The main thing I had to change was setting coast to .2 or .3 mm and extra retraction to -0.2. That stopped the blobbing problem I had.