slightly off x and y axis dimensions

hey all.

i am printing some cubes this afternoon on account of a couple parts this weekend printing too large.

i’ve printed a 15mm cube and while it is 14.999 - 14.87mm in the z direction (measuring in the middle of the cube yields smaller numbers, and measuring transverse vertexes gives 14.98mm or so :slight_smile: ), the x and y dimensions are ~15.55 (at the bottom-most layers) and ~15.25mm in the center and top most layers of the cube. i am using these calipers:

i am printing a few more different sized cubes at the moment.

i am printing natural 3mm lulzbot abs, 230 hot end and 85 bed with an abs/acetone layer on the bed.

here is that 15mm cube’s gcode.

i can understand how the bottom couple layers could be squished out a bit, and can visibly see the wider layers at the bottom.

these measurements aren’t off that much but i am trying to snap fit a few parts and just working on gauging where my machine is.
15mm_cube.gcode (110 KB)

How consistent are your results? If you can reliably show a variance of a couple of percent you can potentially tune that out by adjusting the steps per unit in the firmware. I would wait however until you were comfortable with operating the printer and understood what needs to be done to calculate the adjustments needed (not too awkward) and reflash the firmware, then print more test objects to slowly dial in the accuracy.

You can temporarily set your steps via an M-code temporarily: