Small cylindrical parts printing oval


I am printing a very small cylindrical part. For some reason this part is coming out a bit oval. My layers are about .1mm and slowed down the print movements quite a bit. I am using the stock .35mm nozzle and PLA from lulzbot at recommended temps. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I do have a .15 nozzle that I could try.

Picture and stl attached
powerButtonExtended3.75mm.stl (35 KB)

I tried tightening the belt that the extruder uses. Didn’t seem to make a difference, and felt pretty tight. Debating if the bed belt is worth tightening…seems tight enough to me.

When I print this part, I am printing 10 at a time. They are laid out in a circular pattern. I noticed that the parts furthest on the +y axis are actually quite bit more round than the ones further back in -y. Anyone know what that usually means? Maybe try re-calibrating my bed again?

Your Y belt is either loose, or the pulley on the Y motor is loose. Or the bearing on the belt return is gummed up. The direction the part is out of round is the direction of the belt problem. May also want to check for bearing binding on the Y axis.

It’s possible to be a software issue, but it’s almost always mechanical for out of round circles.

I can’t tell from this picture, but is the part oval, or is it like a circle split in half and the two halves not perfectly aligned?

If it is the latter it is from the slop in the X carriage IGUS bushings. You can attempt to make this better a few different ways, from loosening the X carriage bushing holders and squishing them towards each other, to replacing the bushings with bearings.