Small LED Panel Enclosure

Needed an enclosure for an AdaFruit LED panel…so thought I would make one. Also needed to learn a real CAD program instead of my animation modeler…so downloaded and started learning Fusion 360 to make this. Wow is parametric modeling different than what I am used to…but I can see the benefits of it for sure.

Nice! Next up, get some heat set inserts frome Mcmaster carr (m3 and m5) with those you can attach anything to anything!

Cool - I have never heard of that so I had to google it. :slight_smile: Found this article on it: That is COOL. I am going to order some today. Thanks Piercet!!

You’re welcome!

They come in handy. When you do start desiging them in to things, a hole size of 5.2mm diameter and 4mm deep works well for the m3 short ones. The longer ones are actually narrower so you need a thinner, deeper hole. (I think 4.8 works for those? I don’t use them often) Limit switches require an M2 size one, and they are a pain to install. The M5 ones I don’t remember off the top of my head, I want to say an 8.7mm or 8.9mm hole but I’d have to check.