small parts and slopes

I have a theory/ question to share.

So when I’m printing something relatively small, and god forbid it has a outward slope, it makes a boat like print. It means that the perimeters become taller than infill, like they are from the next layer or even higher.

Later as it moves away from the bed, and the angle comes sharp again, it correct itself.

Could this be becasue they are too close to the heated bed and not cooling enough, thus expanding and smudging or something…?
Any ideas?

It’s due to the proximity of the nozzle and the amount of ambient heat being held around the part, since the layer time is so low on small items. You’ll want to print multiple small parts at one time, to increase layer time and also use the fan. If you’re using PLA you’ll want to use the fan all the time. While generally not needed with ABS, the fan can help with small items, just be careful as it can make ABS splitting problems worse.