Stepper moror is very hot!

I got my TAZ 4 this Monday and I’ve had fun with various prints. However, I’ve noticed that the the x-axis, y-axis, and extruder stepper motors are very hot. Using the bed temperature as a guideline, the motors are around 100 F. Is this normal? When turning the motor manually with the gears, there seems to be places on the gears that require more torque to spin, as if the gears aren’t 100% matched and/or oblong.

Please help.

It’s normal for the extruder stepper motor to get warm, and for the X and Y axis steppers to do the same when printing quickly. What speeds are you running when you encounter this? We use the same firmware across the entire line, so your 3D printer has the same power settings.

Yup, stepper motors do get pretty hot and they are quite capable to handling the heat :slight_smile: You might have to worry if they’re too hot to touch, but 100F is perfectly fine!