Stepper motor cooling on taz5

I’ve discovered that to keep using my printer in my non-air-conditioned garage during the day I need to do some active cooling of some kind on my stepper motors (mostly the X and Y). I’ve got it indoors right now and found that a largish heatsink can bring the X stepper down by 10C without a fan. I’m thinking of grabbing some GPU replacement heatsink/fans since they look like they’ll match in size to the steppers pretty well.

Does anyone have any experience doing this, and if so is there a better way? This is happening because in the garage at times it can get to 45C ambient and the steppers around 70-75C after running a while. I’ve also thought about water cooling the X, Y and Z steppers (too difficult to do the E stepper) to try to improve the situation too if this isn’t enough. This is what I’m thinking of. I’m thinking either I’ll print up some kind of mount or I’ll end up gluing it in place with some silver thermal adhesive I’ve got for putting heatsinks on TO-220 packages but only as a last resort because that stuff doesn’t come off.

These steppers are quite capable of handling heat, on the other hand you may get a bit more longevity from the NEMA’s by cooling…especially if you do an industrial amount of printing. Other than that they only cost around $20 and I don’t think the sag is worth a heat sink on the horizontal axis. There are a few posts on sag in this forum already.