Stepper Motor Cooling?

So I was doing a 4h 30m print on my Mini on the weekend, and by the time the job was complete, I touched the X stepper motor to see how warm they get. It was smokin’ hot.

Has anyone came up with a cooling addon for the stepper motors? Is it necessary?

I didn’t have a thermal probe to measure the actual temperature.

You could add fans, heatsinks, or both!

Interesting idea… though I’m not sure I’d trust the tape to hold the fans on :slight_smile:

Steppers should not need cooling, and can run warm. Plastic brackets melting around the motors is a more common problem than motor failure.

Personally though, I prefer to attach 40-60mm VGA heatsinks with thermal epoxy. Try these, used for all axis drive stepper motors on the TazMega.

What voltage do the fans operate at?

What circuit are you hooking them up to?