Suggested "starter parts list"

I’m new to 3D printing and after reading the reviews have decided in the lulzbot mini. I see it doesn’t come with filament so I know I’ll need that. Are there other parts or supplies I should buy upfront to get up and running?

Thanks in advance!

You will definitly want a good digital vernier calipers right from the start if you don’t already have them. Makes designing and calibrating things as you print much easier, and you will need them to measure actual diameter of the fillament you purchase to set that setting in the printer software “Cura” so that you get nice accurate prints. Make sure you buy 3mm fillament, and start with either PLA or ABS, Avoid HIPS or other types as a starter fillament. I started with ABS, many people prefer to start with PLA. The mini will print either of them well

The Mini might come with a tool bag with stuff in it. I know the Taz does. if it doesn’t, you will want the following:
A tool to remove the parts safely from the bed (I use a Calephon Gadgets Cheese wedge with the slicer part taped over for this, best part removal tool ever)
A pair of needlenose pliers or other similar tool to reach in and grab loose fillament strands with
A 3mm hex wrench to tighten any bolts that work loose over time
a 5MM hex wrench for the same reason
A 1.5mm hex wrench to tighten Leadscrew couplers
A size 4 Tandy Leather Edge Beveling tool - this works excellent for removing brim layer remnants from parts
A good pocket knife or hobby blade for trimming off the occasional plastic blob
A standard point and shoot infrared thermometer to troubleshoot any bed or extruder issues you hopefully won’t have ever. But they only cost around $35 so useful to have around
A tube of Lucas Oil white lithium greese to lubricate the threaded leadscrews (and only the leadscrews, the bearings and rods are self lubricating so never put any of it on them)

Some other things you may want to have on hand but are certanly optional:
If you are printing ABS - Plastruct Plastic Weld plastic modeling cement works well for gluing ABS things together
You may want to order some M3 and M5 cap screws and M3 and M5 heat set inserts ( and a heat set insert inserting soldering iron, they come in handy if you want to make some of the spare parts, or design things that you can bolt other things to.

Aside from that, thats pretty much it. There are definitly things you can pick up and add in as you go. Plastic fillament does tend to accumulate moisture over time so don’t order a huge quantity all at once unless it is vaccume bagged, or you store it with silicone dessicant packs. its not a huge deal if you don’t. Good fillament is good for a reason, and cheap fillament is usually cheap because it has filler crap in it. Especially when you are learning, get a roll or two of good fillament. It makes the initial learning process much more fun and useful. Feel free to ask questions here, most of us enjoy answering questions for people interested in the hobby.

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You have the wrenches, get a Metric set of 6-7 MM to 18-19 MM. along with a Metric 1.27 MM to 10 MM hex key set. A bottle of IP Alcohol, (or I use Vinegar glass cleaner) to clean yours or others greasy finger prints off the bed surface. :laughing:

I would suggest spare wiper pads; these are a good way to build up an order with LulzBot to get over the $50 free shipping threshold.

I also have some spare baseplate leveling washers, end-stop switches, a micro-blower (for the thermal break above the hotend), GT2 belt, Stepper motor, hobbed bolt and tool head (yes, I know that is a lot of spares, but to a degree they are consumables or something that is not readily available at a local supplier and I got the tool head since it doesn’t cost that much more than the pieces to build a hotend and it’s faster to swap out).

You will want to print at least one small herringbone gear - several have reported that theirs have separated, and once it’s broken, you can’t print a spare!

I second getting an assortment of Metric screws and heat-set inserts: not so much for repairs, but for projects that you will be making.