Priority items to print on a new printer

I’ve just ordered a Mini (first 3d printer!) and would like to figure out what my order of actions should be. From browsing this and other forums, it seems that I should do some experimentation for calibration using some of the test objects available on thingiverse - does anyone have recommendations on prints that are reasonable for HIPS and PETG filament? Also, I’ve seen mention that I should print out replacement parts while the printer is fresh. Is there a link to .stl files that I should grab?


The Stl files are in in the mini section. Most common wear parts are the small extrude gear, the extrude latch, and the big gear in that order. Print them in abs at 85% infill if possible, you shouldn’t need them for a year or so, but are nice to have on hand.

All the parts should be on your USB drive you got with your mini.
I would suggest waiting until you are comfortable with your machine before you start making replacement parts.
Make small parts until you have all your settings dialed in. Make only one change at a time if you can. Take notes.

Personally, I would wait until you have things “dialed in” and working to your satisfaction. The Mini I’m working with did a good job on the first “Octopus” print, but it certainly benefited from some fine tuning. Parts are printing much better now. Once we get a roll of filament that is more appropriate for replacement parts (we’re using PLA now), we’ll do some tests, fine tune for that filament if needed, then print the parts.

Personally, I would wait until you have things “dialed in” and working to your satisfaction.

Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to get about 45 minutes of printing time in the last 3 weeks; my Y motor died after the initial roctupus part printed (replaced, now works again), but my extruder became clogged to the point where I have to send it in for repair during the second print I tried; can’t clear it following any of the steps on the webpage or after speaking with support. I hope this is the last problem I have for a while!