Supporting OctoPrint

Hey there fellow Taz users,

I’m not sure how many of us are using OctoPrint, but I have found it to be an amazing tool. I combined it with a Raspberry Pi to turn my Taz into a web enabled TazBerry Pi. I found the software right out of the Lulzbot Community page. Which brings me to the crux of this post; Octoprint needs our support.

Recently the sponsors of OctoPrint have pulled their funding and the project is at risk. Gina, aka Foosel, has spent years on OctoPrint and it is nearly a full time job. She needs support to continue developing and supporting OctoPrint.

If you are an OctoPrint user or just a fan of high quality, open source software, please consider supporting the project. A $3 a month donation comes out to about the cost of a good spool of filament per year. I run several spools of filament worth of prints through OctoPrint per year, so it seams about right to me.

You can support via Patreon or Pay Pal.

I know this is the software support forum, and it is a stretch to use it to ask my fellow Taz users to support someone else’s software, however I really hope you consider helping.

I am in no way associated with OctoPrint. I just use the software and would hate to see it go away.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your consideration.

Hi, new Mini user here. I created this account just to second this post. Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi has truly enhanced my experience with my new Mini and I’m very grateful it’s available. I’m a long time supporter of FOSS, big part of why I chose a lulzbot. I have pledged my support on Patreon and would encourage you to do so as well if you get value from this software. I’m not affiliated with Octoprint either, beyond being a user. And hey @jebba, maybe Aleph could throw some love her way too? Seems to be a kindred spirit.

I third that! The OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi combo has made my print-life so much easier. I’ll gladly support OctoPrint. I think it should be offered as an add on package for all Lulzbot printers.

If there was a Lulzbot image for the Raspberry Pi, even forked off the existing 0.13.0 release, that included all the pre built temperature profiles and Taz configurations that would be great! Polish up the Cure Plugin with some updates and it would be a solid offering.

Considering A.O.s commitment to help funding open source projects i think that them monetarily supporting OctoPrint just makes a whole lot of sense. +1 here. Especially since A.O. uses Octoprint in house on their vast array of 3d printers.

speaking of Octoprint, does anyone have a working image of OctoPi that works on the Raspberry Pi 3?! All the latest Nightly builds are broken and do not even have octoprint on the images. I know the Pi 3 is still rather new, but i would have thought there would be a stable release by now. Debian is fine, but ideally i would prefer one built on Ubuntu Server. I gather they are basically the same, so no biggie either way, i’m just used to the Ubuntu repos. I tried installing Ubuntu Server myself, but i have not yet got OctoPrint installed and functioning yet. (especially wifi without a GUI as i don’t want my printer connected to an ethernet cable).

The holes on the Lulzbot mini frame seem to be designed for a BeagleBone Black. I drilled two new holes in my frame and currently have my Raspberry Pi 3 mounted there. I even wired up a 2.5A 5vDC regulator to a female USB connector inside to the 24vDC power supply so i can power my Raspberry Pi from the Lulzbot mini power supply itself. So far seems to work great. I can post pictures if anyone is interested. All i need now is a working Raspberry Pi 3 Octoprint image.

There was a release of a new OctoPi image just the other day. I haven’t tested it yet, I’ve just order a Pi3 to upgrade my TazBerry. It states that it works specifically with the new release. I included a link a few posts ago.

Thanks, that’s new… that’s the same version that the broken Nightly builds were using, but last i had checked the latest stable release was 0.12. So obviously it’s been updated within the last few days. I’ll download it now and give it a shot.

The 3/18/16 build of octopi Jessie lite 0.13.0 is working for me with a raspberry pi 3.

The 0.13-RC1 from the nightly builds worked great on the Pi3 for me, as did the 0.13-RC2 and 0.13-Final. I’d recommend the Final at tis point. You can get 0.13-Final (img dated 4-18-2016) from here: If you have any issues, drop me a PM and I’ll be happy to help. I have set it up about a dozen times now, so have the process down pretty well.

And back to the main subject…
I’ll add my PLEA for everyone here to please sign up on Patreon (or PayPal if you just want to do a one-time contribution) and help Gina keep Octoprint alive! I signed up for a monthly contribution today. Here’s the link again: <<<<<<<

OctoPrint is just as amazing as the Lulzbot Mini. I have pledged my support and encourage everyone out there to do the same! OctoPrint makes printing on the Mini even more fun.

Not to take the thread off topic again, just thought i’d let everyone know that the current 0.13 stable version on the OctoPrint website seems to work for me. Some people have said they had no problems with the Nightly builds, but oddly enough the 3/18/16 nightly build of octopi Jessie lite 0.13 was one of the ones that did NOT work for me. Weird. Anyway the new one seems to work. Now i just have to figure out how to use it.

That’s what AO uses in the cluster. Why Beaglebones? Pis aren’t totally open source.
Here’s a few Mini pi cases

+1 to supporting Octoprint.

Crossposting from another thread:

It (0.13) works great on my Pi 2 now that the desktop is gone, so I setup a Pi 3 and an old TV in the work room so I have direct control of the Octopi interface without having to shlep in my laptop.

Let me add my suggestion that all Octoprint users go support the project, even at $1/month. That’s less than 1/3 a cup of coffee, or about the cost of 2 Roctopi’s (is that the plural?). Darn cheap to let me print and monitor from any room in the house.

On that note, Please think three times (not just twice) before attempting to put octoprint on an internet-accessible machine. Unless you’re very good at both locking it down initially, and maintaining that on a regular basis, there’s serious risks. This isn’t like having someone steal your iTunes files - a malicious actor could easily destroy the printer, and even potentially burn down the house. Or put it another way - I’m a security architect with the world’s largest InfoSec company, and my octopi is nicely snuggled behind my fire(wall), all set for a long nights printing. IMHO (and that comes with two grains of salt), it’s not worth the risk.


We’re supporting Octoprint at $1,024 USD/month via Patreon. We’re also now supporting Thomas Sanladerer at $256/month.

Small side note: We use Botqueue in our cluster, not Octoprint. Though I’d love to have an Octoprint enabled cluster.


That should help both of them out quite a bit!

That’s FANTASTIC, Jeff! Thank you!

Wow, that is very generous of you guys. As an owner of a Taz 5 with OctoPrint and I’m working with a new Makerspace in my town to put in 2 more Taz 5 units with OctoPrint (one is done and the second has been ordered) I really appreciate you supporting OctoPrint. It really is a gift to the community.


That’s great to hear. It is a great tool for these printers.

Interesting that AO is supporting Octoprint at 400 Hex per month and Sanladerer at 100 hex per month!