TAZ 12mm extra x axis travel parts

moves the Z motor and smooth rods out 6mm each side, and uses the same stock smooth rods for 12mm of extra X axis travel. Also triangulates the Z-top parts for a little more strength.

Z bearings are still inside the frame.

TAZ extra x travel 1013 STLs.zip (113 KB)
TAZ extra x travel 1013 STPs.zip (380 KB)

Wow, thanks again, this is great stuff. :slight_smile:

Really cool. Was thinking of doing this also…Saves a lot of time also, especially the troubleshooting and testing for fit!

thanks for sharing!

Hello there,
How to use lulzbot taz 12mm extra x travel mode by 1013? I think this machine use artist make 3d model art and travel parts. I’m right either wrong i don’t know can you ex-plane me for this machine information.

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Hello there,

how can use Lulzbot TAZ 12mm extra X travel MOD by 1013? I think artice 3d model to make and selling i don’t know please inform that.