TAZ 3 & 4 bed auto leveling

For lucky owners of TAZ 3 & 4 who want to setup bed auto leveling I wrote a blog post.
The major gap is that current firmware doesn’t support G29 command to do the bed probing.
In my blog I’m posting Marlin firmware that works on TAZ 3 and most likey 4 and supports G29.




Do you have a video you can share of it in action?


Here is the video


Heyo, bam from Lulzbot here

here’s a link to a modified slider bar that should work with 1013’s excellent mod and the stock x-ends :


You may need to modify the x coordinates of the startup g-code that determine the extend and retract positions here:

G1 X276 F11520; go to probe deployment position
G1 X292 F350; deploy probe

and here:

G1 X14 F11520; go to probe retract position
G1 X0.5 F350; retract probe

but then you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works for you, I can modify if needed

Happy printing!

Thank you Bam, this works perfectly.
Here is new video that shows how probe retraction works now


Also, do you know how to fix the bolt that holds the probe, after a few deployments and retractions of the probe it becomes loose?



This may be silly, but, threadlock?

Well done!

This looks really nice and refined. I would like to try and implement the auto leveling design. However, your blog post is not available. Can you put it on the Lulzbot forum?



You know thats from years ago right?

Ya I know… But I have a Taz4 I want to upgrade with auto leveling. I guess the real work is done by the g29 firmware. I am looking into that now.

This is new to me. I am just getting myself up to date. If you dont have anything. That is fine. I am still looking around.