Taz 4.1 Ground issues?

Ok, I seem to have a solution to my issue. Here is what I did:

I attached a 22 gauge wire to the screw that holds the faceplate onto the outlet my Taz is plugged in to (I used an eyelet for good contact). I wrapped this wire loosely around the power cord, over the supply and then loosely around the cord to the Taz. At that end, I installed another eyelet and fixed it with one of the cap screws to the rear frame assembly. I also made a short 6" jumper with eyelets at each end and connected the front frame to the grounded back frame because, it turns out, they are electrically isolated from each other!

Now, I can drag my feet to work up a big static charge and touch any part of the frame, aluminum bed and carriage. I get a zap but the RAMBo does not reset. I did not ground the LCD panel yet but I intend to add a jumper to it as well.

Sounds good.

I would recommend getting some metal corner braces if you can to replace the plastic ones. Otherwise you may get intermittent grounding

Although that is a good solution it is more work and expense than needed. The jumpers are secure and even if one failed it would not be a problem since I tested with one successfully.

The 8020 corner gussets and drop in t nuts to add those are only about $10 total and it really does stiffen the frame.

I like stiff frames. Do you have a link to the braces? As for grounding, I don’t have an issue with the cross pieces and verticals on one face (front or back) of the frame. The issue was that he front frame is isolated from the back frame. These are separated by printed parts so no metal-to-metal contact at all. The jumper I added connects them electrically.

These ones are the ones I used, not sure if this is the best price for them, but you can see the type: http://www.ebay.com/itm/8020-TSlot-Zinc-2-Hole-Slotted-Inside-Corner-Bracket-w-Tabs-20-Series-14053-N-/330293540113?hash=item4ce7077511:g:v~8AAOSwT4lWSfYP

You can use standard T-nuts to fit them. I found the drop in after installation ones were worth the extra expense in my case. I know these ones will fit: http://store.makerstoolworks.com/hardware/m5-t-slot-nuts-post-install/ and I know half the ones on ebay don’t fit.

You’ll be able to fit 7 of the 8 corners. THe LCD connection cable is in the way to fit the top left one, but the LCD frame itself is stiffer than the stock corner anyways and it’s metal.

Doesn’t the control box itslef connect the front and back frames on the 4/5? It does on the Taz 3. Maybe that explains why the 3 doesn’t seem to have the issue others describe.

Thanks. I use the same t nuts. I added my display so it isn’t the lulzbot version so I can get all 8 corners.

I believe the taz 4 case is plastic but I’m not home so I can’t check.

Looks like you can get the corner pieces at the same place. http://store.makerstoolworks.com/90-degree-extrusion-bracket/?_ga=1.119213889.93255225.1454871753

Taz 4/5 have a plastic spacer between the frame and control box.

Huh. Is the bolt inside the frame at least in contact with the control box via the T nut, or is the whole thing isolated?

The 20mm bed extrusion should be connecting the frame sides, but I suppose the anodizing might be too thick there. Might be worth removing the finish at that point on all 4 extrusion surfaces.

No, there is a plastic brace that it bolts into on the frame. As for the bed it many times is just sitting above the frame due to the Y table frame holders.

I suppose you could slide a set of washers in there?

Wow, a year later and the same problem on a new TAZ 5. Walked over (wool socks on carpet) and ZAP; that was the end of a 20 hour print 11 hours in. Mild cussing ensued.

This should have been fixed by now.

I was about 4 hours into a 6 hour job and touched the screen, it went crazy and my job just dies. Brand new TAZ 5 this week. SO this is still an issue. I am a middle school teacher, so I hope this is not an ongoing problem, I will need to find a solution as I have 200 students, to expect all 200 never to touch it our ground themselves will be a tough challenge.

It’s does seem to be an issue with the 5 too as there are no design changes that would affect grounding.

You can read my solution above which has worked great.

Any better fixes for this issue yet? The dry season is upon us and like the school I have lots of hands working with these machines. Hard to control.

Mine’s been solid as a rock with the ground wire.